Wolf Blass 2016 Luxury Collection Launch

Wolf Blass 2016 Luxury Collection Launch

Honouring the Wolf Blass values of quality, character and consistency first set down in 1966, our outstanding 2016 Luxury Collection offers a portfolio of wines that reflect skill, passion and dedicated craftsmanship.

This year we proudly showcase the 40th vintage release of Black Label and celebrate its iconic standing as a benchmark of Australian winemaking excellence.

Chief Winemaker, Chris Hatcher, is extremely proud of the quality of wines and the creative expertise of our team.

“The 2016 Luxury Collection represents Australian winemaking at its very best, with the passion, creativity and dedication of our viticulture and winemaking teams evident in every bottle.

“2015 was an exceptional season in the Adelaide Hills and the White Label Chardonnay displays all the hallmarks of this great vintage. Grey Label reds from 2013 are, as always, elegant expressions of their unique terroirs, while our iconic Black Label and Medlands Vineyard Platinum Label Shiraz hail from the outstanding 2012 vintage, a near perfect season in South Australia, well regarded for producing some truly remarkable red wines.”

Presenting the 2016 Luxury Collection

Wolf Blass White Label Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay 2015

Wolf Blass White Label Piccadilly Valley ChardonnayThe pristine, elegant fruit of the Piccadilly Valley has again delivered a refined, complex Chardonnay truly reflective of the White Label ethos to craft expressive wines of rare distinction.

“Chardonnay is the icon of the Adelaide Hills region, and the high altitude Piccadilly sub-region shows off the very best in elegant Chardonnay. I love ‘the Hills’ for its diversity in altitude and clonal planting. It is a winemaker’s treat to work with tiny amounts of fruit from the Piccadilly vineyards to produce small parcels of wine that will eventually be selected from individual barrels to create a blend that’s reflective of this unique terroir.”

John Ashwell, Winemaker

Wolf Blass Grey Label Langhorne Creek Cabernet Shiraz 2013

Wolf Blass Grey Label Langhorne Creek Cabernet ShirazRich, distinctive Langhorne Creek character is flawlessly expressed in the 2013 Grey Label Cabernet Shiraz. Undeniably contemporary yet evocative of Wolf’s original 1967 blend, this wine boasts definitive Wolf Blass style.

“Grey Label Cabernet Shiraz is a favourite of mine to make as it not only expresses a truly unique and intriguing region, but draws upon the classic Australian art of blending Cabernet and Shiraz to create the ultimate wine. Langhorne Creek expresses itself with fragrant aromatics, elegance and finesse while still providing generosity and length of flavour. Cabernet Sauvignon marries perfectly with Shiraz offering length and structure, while Shiraz gives mid-palate texture and generosity.”

Marie Clay, Winemaker

Wolf Blass Grey Label McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013

Wolf Blass Grey Label McLaren Vale ShirazThe 2013 Grey Label Shiraz effortlessly delivers on the promise of the bright, opulent fruit synonymous with McLaren Vale. Its plush complexity impeccably highlights the hallmarks of Wolf Blass power and elegance.

“Grey Label Shiraz is one of my favourite wines, not only to drink but also to observe during vintage and blending. McLaren Vale produces ripe Shiraz with elegance, power and complexity. Combined with classic winemaking techniques, the end result is a wine that is both drinkable on release, yet also possesses the structure and fruit density to age gracefully. A wine that evolves over time, my cellar will always have room for this gem!”

Clare Dry, Winemaker

Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Shiraz Malbec 2012

Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Shiraz 2012The inspired masterstroke that has been fundamental to perfecting 40 remarkable vintages of Black Label is the artful blending of the year’s finest fruit, giving rise to a wine greater than the sum of its parts. True to style, the 2012 vintage is a sophisticated, multi-layered wine with a complex composition of intense fruit and magnificent structure.

“My connection and fascination with Black Label dates back to the 1976 Royal Melbourne Wine Show when it won the Jimmy Watson Trophy for a third consecutive year, a feat no other wine has ever achieved. Melbourne was my first wine show and little did I know then, that I would work for Wolf Blass for more than twenty-eight years, twenty as Chief Winemaker, and we would win a fourth “Jimmy” with the 1998 vintage.”

Chris Hatcher, Chief Winemaker 

Wolf Blass Medlands Vineyard Platinum Label Shiraz 2012

Wolf Blass Medlands Vineyard Platinum Label ShirazThe distinctive Medlands terroir is uniquely expressed in this exceptional Shiraz. The 2012 vintage reinforces Platinum Label’s hallmark intensity and purity of fruit, with characteristic structural elegance, definitive line and flawless balance.

“As I travel to the winery in the mornings through some of the best vineyards in the Barossa, I see the diversity of the vines and the influence of terroir playing its hand. My greatest pleasure is making, maturing and blending wines from these unique sites. Medlands Vineyard, with its rich brown sandy loam soil and gully breezes from the Para River is simply the best and most unique of all the vineyards we draw from.”

Steven Frost, Senior Winemaker